The Weekend 2024 is August 30th - September 2nd, 2024, at Washington Family Ranch's "The Canyon" in Central Oregon.  This is a Young Life property that is designed for teens and group retreats. 

PLEASE take a minute to read the housing details below, especially if you have not come before. We also encourage you to read through the Q&A on the website at

Standard Housing consists of one twin bed per person in a bunk room that sleeps 4 to 14 people.  If you are registering as a family / married couple, you will be housed together in a bunk room.  A private bunk room for just your family or for a couple is not guaranteed, but it may be possible. Individuals are housed with people of the same sex (men with men, women with women). We encourage you to let us know who you want to room with, and if you don't know right now you can reach out to us any time to share your request. We will do our absolute best to honor your request.  Standard Housing is in Axehandle Lodge and Broken Arrow Hotel.  REMINDER: Washington Family Ranch is a remarkable and beautiful summer camp designed for teens.

To get a feel for the camp click here. 

Other Questions? Check out our comprehensive FAQ.  If you still have questions, we welcome you to reach out to us at any time [email protected].

  • Babies and toddlers (birth to 2 years) are free but registration is still required

  • Ages 3+ in a bunkroom that sleeps 4 to 14 people and have either one very large bathroom or multiple bathrooms. Basic linens provided.

  • This is the same as the Standard Housing but EARLYBIRD is subsidized by donations and discounted to help make it affordable.
    Price is $300 per-person (ages 3+)
    Earlybird price available until 7/15/24

Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to our scholarship fund.



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